“Simple Love”

loved as i amL.O.V.E! We all want to be loved, loving and lovable. Yet, we make it hard with all our false embellishments, expectations and demands. We make loving hard, distressing, unpleasant and regrettable because we are always trying to figure out how to get love, how to give love and how to do love right. With all the limitations, restrictions and conditions we put on our love and those we love, it is no wonder most of us think love is hard. Now, sometimes those things work, but they usually don’t, so when we think we are not getting the right kind of love, we feel hurt and what we blame, is love. Love doesn’t hurt! We hurt ourselves with all the traps we set to get and try to keep love.

Simple love! Is joyful, happy and you know it’s love because no matter if it may hurt, you have the guts to tell the truth, you have the guts to be exactly who you are without any sugar coating and you allow the other person to do and be the same. A hurt person can’t tell you about love and love is not what you see on television or at the movies. Love is not some type of instrument or weapon you hold to entrap or hold another person hostage with. Love is your key! The key to seek within yourself, to see what it is you want for yourself and it may be that part you see about yourself that you may never ever show to anyone else.

Simple love is the honest love you either give, or you don’t! With simple love you know and share it or you don’t! Simple love has no expectations and stressful demands because if it does you will fall back into that deep hole of hurting yourself. Why? Because you forgot to acknowledge yourself as the love you keep searching for and trying so hard to get right.

Instead of thinking there are things you need to do in order to get love, or you insist that others must to do certain things to prove they love you, why not look deep inside yourself and figure out if you consider yourself to be loved, loving and loveable. Only then will you find that Simple Love!


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