The Right Stuff

Beverly and Harold Harding had a son and a daughter, Kevin six and Gina five, with another son on the way. It was a cold November day and Beverly was taking a half day from work to go to another one of her doctor appointments. Beverly was six months pregnant. While at her appointment the doctor told her the test they had given her a few weeks earlier showed that there could be something wrong with her baby, but they weren’t sure and need to give her an amniocentesis. Although, those are usually given to older women, she agreed. Besides she wanted to be sure the baby was ok. After the doctor’s appointment Beverly went back to work, but then a few hours later her water broke. She managed to make it home before her husband left for work and he took her to the hospital and because she was too early to deliver they put her on bed rest for a few months. She had to stay off her feet except to go to the bathroom.

Beverly freaked out, because she didn’t know how she would be able to pull that off with two other little children and her husband who worked third shift. She did the best she could of staying off her feet, but because she was unable to stay off her feet enough it caused her to begin to spot she ended up having to stay on bed rest at the hospital.

Little Kyle Harding was born a few weeks later, weighing only 1lb and 14 ozs. Beverly and Harold knew Kyle was going to be their miracle baby. Kyle was finally able to come home weighing 6 lbs, 12 ozs. Having Beverly visit and speak to him each day in the intensive care unit for premature babies really helped him fight hard for his life.

As Kyle got stronger and older he begins walking, but walking into walls. Although, when Kyle was younger, Beverly had noticed when she would hold him, that he would not give her full eye contact. He would always be looking off somewhere beyond her. She called the doctor and took him in and that was when they found out Kyle was blind. It was a blow to the family, but they dealt with it the best they could, got the information and help needed to make sure Kyle could live a full and an as normal life as possible. The other children also helped out with Kyle and learned to become compassionate toward their brother and other people with a special need.

This little story is fiction, but could be one that someone is dealing with. So many people are raising children with special needs that at one time may have questioned “why me?”

Why you, because you can handle it. Although, at first you may not believe it nor understand it, but you have been in trusted to care for a special child, with a special need that only you are equipped to deal with. You have been given the grace to handle it and you will. God gave you this child because you have the right stuff to deal with it. Your child is of great value to God and don’t ever forget it or think any lesser. If you have other children your special child may be teaching them what you may never be able to teach them and that is compassion for others, because they see what their sibling has to endure and what you as the parent has to endure as well. For those people that don’t have a special needs child, please show some compassion as well. You may be at an outing or an event where someone with a special child with special needs may be in attendance. Instead of being irritated or rude, try showing some patience and compassion for that family and that child. After all, at the end of the day you don’t have to go home with that child.

So to all those parents dealing with a special child with special needs, keep your head up and just think of it in a positive way, that you were the chosen ones. You are the ones with the right stuff!


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