Say it With Love

truthinloveThe truth is a very powerful and meaningful expression of love. You have to really love someone in order to be totally honest and truthful with them. Not only that, but when you are capable of telling the truth, you are showing respect. You are saying you respect that they can handle your truth and you love them for being able to do so, regardless of the outcome.

Parents when you love your children you want them to have all the information possibly available to help them be the best that they can be. And you tell them the truth because you want them to be able to make the right choices and decisions; you also want them to have all that they may need to weigh their options.

By the way, to withhold information from someone is not a sign of love. You may think you should do so, because you don’t want to disturb the waters, and it is also understandable that you may want to spare their feelings. However, in no way is that loving behavior. When you love someone you not only behave in a way which honor them, but you honor yourself as well. You won’t be able to cause them grief and lie to them about what you have done. Because when you love yourself will you be able to honor yourself and when you honor yourself you can honor others with the truth.

You are also not showing someone love, if you allow them to engage in a conduct that has the potential to be dangerous and you don’t say anything. Maybe you won’t know what to say, but if you love them you will figure out way to let them know that you cherish and love them, but you are not supporting their behavior. And it is ok for you to not like their behavior and it is surely ok, for you to let them know it. The reality is that you are giving them what they need to realize just how much you really do love them.

Maybe you know some folk that need to hear the truth about themselves, yet you have been holding it in, or trying to decide how much truth they can handle. Why not find a loving way to tell them the truth about themselves. Just make sure you say it with love!”


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