Getting Back into the Groove

worth6Sometimes you can find yourself in a real funk and for no apparent reason. You have no idea why you feel this way, but you just don’t feel like yourself. You just can’t seem to get it together! Maybe you’re usually this outgoing and confident person and now you find yourself sitting around feeling down and are no longer so sure of yourself. Could it be you have over compromised, over-compensated, given in and given over so much of yourself that you no longer know where all the parts of you are scattered? It could be that the things you thought you needed to receive love, to feel lovable, to be acknowledged, to be accepted, to increase your value or your worth have left you shattered and broken and you may feel like you will never be able to pull yourself together. Well, don’t you fret! You will soon be able to reclaim all the pieces of yourself.

It all starts with you knowing who you are and a lot of people don’t know who they are, so they base who they are on who loves them, how many friends they have either for real or on Facebook, who speaks to them, how popular they are. This is how they define their importance because they really don’t know their value or self-worth. Just the fact that you exist and are able to live and breathe should help you to understand just how valuable you are today and for the future. So, start walking in the confidence of your value and your worth.

When you get into a slump you can allow negative thoughts and feelings into your space and the truth about yourself can start to look distorted. All that negativity can make you forget your true identity. You begin to feel guilty about wanting to take care of yourself and honor yourself. You will start pointing out all your faults, all your bad habits and you will begin to not believe in yourself, your vision and your beliefs. Everything will start to eat away at you like a shark, limb by limb.

However, there is a way for you to get out of that slump and get yourself together. You must identify what got you into that funky place. Maybe it’s your home environment, maybe it’s a work thing. You must identify what it is that has invaded your being and then do what is needed to get yourself out of it. I am not saying it will be an easy process, but it is a fixable process. You just need to become much more protective of yourself. Don’t allow others or yourself for that matter to put negative thoughts into your head. Don’t expect others to do for you what you have the power to do for yourself? Don’t allow others to control your destiny, while you dismember who you are by going along with them, just to please them? Once you have identified what got you in that state of funk, just tell yourself “Never again!” Start to reclaim and protect all those wonderful pieces of yourself that are important and get back into the groove!


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