“23 Ways to Become a Happier Person”

happy life 21
1. Stop using your kids or your marriage or life’s problems as an excuse that “keeps you from being happy”. That’s garbage. You are the only person that decides your happiness. As Tolstoy said so brilliantly, “If you want be happy, then be.”

2. Listen to uplifting, positive information that pushes you to take action with your life. Podcasts abound. Turn off the news.

3. Motivate yourself every single day to keep going and don’t even talk to me about poor odds or bad luck. Just keep going!

4. Ignore a criticism. Just let it go once and see how it feels.

5. Believe in someone who doesn’t have confidence in herself or himself. Sometimes, it changes their life to have someone believe in them.

6. Don’t believe the hype. Set your own standards.

7. Don’t say “I can’t” for 24 hours. 48 if you can help it.

8. Give that inner critique the cold shoulder and get back in charge of your self-esteem.

9. Say no to the ones who abuse your time and mean it.

10. Do something that scares you but don’t be a fool when choosing what it is either.

11. Find people who get you. Really, really get you! Find the group, the community that gets you, whoever you may be. Find it.

12. Stop mistreating your body. You are not invincible and it will catch up with you and you will regret it.

13. Offer to help when it’s least expected.

14. Don’t do it just because others are doing it. Such a lame excuse.

15. Stay away from people who are jealous of you and don’t be jealous of others. They are not who you are meant to be.

16. Help someone with a task that comes easy to you.

17. Walk away if it compromises your values or it will eat away at you sooner or later.

18. Start that project, that dream, that task that ages ago you put away, saving it for “someday”. Just Start It!

19. Remind yourself that life is finite and your days are numbered and now is the time to do what you want.

20. Break up with whoever mistreats you. And that really means whoever! No human being should stand for that.

21. Expect nothing for one day. Just do your best.

22. Read a book.

23. Say thank you for a hundred things daily. Thank you, for the air, the water, the love of my loved ones and friends, the music, the sky, the sun…

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