Ways to Deal with Loneliness

lonelinessPeople think being lonely means you are alone, which isn’t true at all. You can be married or in a relationship with someone and still feel lonely, maybe due to you not being able to communicate your feelings. You can even be in the presence of others and still feel like you are the only one in the room.

People sometimes misunderstand the difference in being alone and being lonely. There is a big difference and we must not misunderstand those differences. Below is some advice for those that are lonely and how to deal with the loneliness they may at times feel.

(1) Encourage Yourself: Start by speaking to yourself. Sure you may look a little nutty talking to yourself, but if no one else is speaking good or encouraging you, then you need to start encouraging and speaking good to yourself. Say things like, “I am smart”, “I am a loving person”, “I am loved”. Maybe while you are getting dressed you say how good you look in a certain piece of clothing. Or how great your hair looks today. Speak to yourself about things you are good at like, cooking, listening, drawing, writing, cleaning, whatever you are good at. Speak about those things to yourself.

(2) Develop Yourself: Do something with yourself besides sitting around focusing on your loneliness. Learn something new to add to yourself not do things like worrying which only takes away from who you are. Take an exercise class, a cooking class, anything that helps you to be a better you. Invest in yourself. Do something with yourself; don’t just sit around doing nothing. When you go to these new places to learn new skills, you may also meet new people, which is always a good thing. Once you have learned your new skill, why not share it with others and if they seem not to be interested in what you’ve learn, so be it! At least you now have a new skill to place under your belt and that you will have forever.

(3) Be Selfless: Do something to help someone else. It is always enjoyable and fulfilling when you help others. Besides, once you begin to help others you will be too darn busy to worry about your loneliness.

(4) Stop Observing and Start Living: Stop comparing yourself to other people and their lives. You don’t have a clue as to what they may be dealing with. So, stay focused on your own business and what it is you are trying to accomplish. Don’t worry about what other people are or are not doing. Volunteer, join a group and find people that like the same things you like. This for sure will cure any loneliness you may have.

I am sure if you start to do these things you will no longer feel lonely regardless of what your loneliness consist of. If you are in a relationship and are feeling lonely, doing some of these things will show the other person that although you care about them that you do not depend on them to make you happy or to bring any joy to your life. And if you feel they have been neglecting your feelings on this, it may help them to better understand what you are going through and they may even decide to join you on your new outlook and that is a good thing. Good luck!

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