Various Ways to Welcome Spring

• Go outside
Soaking up the sun is a great way to wake your body out of its winter slumber. Plan a hike, ride your bike, play with the kids, or take a walk around the neighborhood; whatever you choose, you’ll not only increase your fitness levels, but getting a healthy dose of fresh spring air and vitamin D will feel great.

• Clear out your closets
You might not be ready for a full-on spring clean, but starting off small can make a big difference. Go through closets and clear out winter clothes, old clothes and other things that seem to have made their way to the back. Donating items you no longer need and putting away those winter duds can help you de-clutter spaces and make way for spring.

• Help Your Garden Bloom
Whether your thumbs are green or black, refreshing your garden is a great way to help spring bloom bigger and brighter. Remove old growth and debris and you’ll give seasonal flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs and anything else you decide to grow a chance to really thrive. And don’t forget to keep your most important gardening tools (your hands, of course) soft, protected and ready for another day, with a new spring scented hand lotion.

• Fill your home with spring aromas
Open up the windows on warm days and buy some fresh-cut flowers or potted plants to place in every room to bring beautiful outdoor scents inside. On rainy days, you can light a sweet spring candle and let the aroma float throughout your home.

• Fire up the grill
Nothing says spring like starting up the grill. Instead of slaving over a hot stove, why not give that grill a test run before summer.

• Spring clean your mind and body
After a long winter season, you can kick-start your well-being by taking a yoga class, joining a gym, or simply workout at home. Clear your mind of all the negative toxins that may have been settling in your mind like dust and start thinking more positive thoughts and setting positive and realistic goals for yourself. Spring is also the perfect time for you to start living your dreams…


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