How-to Win the Game of Life

winnerBeing a player in the game of life can be a bit challenging at times. Unlike those sports teams, our goal is not always clear, our team members are not always supportive and no matter how many points we make, they don’t always count. So, how do we win the game of life? Well, actually the goal of life is not to win, but to play the game with love. Love for yourself, love what you are doing and love for others.
The rules are:
• You must have a strong desire to win.
• You must believe that you are worthy of winning.
• You must have faith that you will win.
• As long as you are alive, you must never believe that the game is over.
• Most importantly, you must go for the love and have fun while you are doing it!
• How you play determines if you win.
There aren’t any points to be counted. The fact that you are here is proof that you have already won the most important race. You have to play the game believing you cannot lose. Play for the love of it…the love of life…your life.

Do you know that there are angels playing on your team and that the game of life is rigged in your favor? The team you were born into really doesn’t matter much, because there is only one coach for all the teams in life. His name is God and he is very consistent when in it comes to having a winning record.

Now, you may have been working so hard to reach the goal that you lost sight of the game. How about you try not keeping score? Just remember the rules; love what you are doing and most of all listen to your coach because with him you are assured VICTORY.


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