kindness2“As I grow in showing kindness to others, reveal to me how to show kindness to myself”

I will be the first to say, “I am a work in progress.” Although, I am trying to live and grow spiritually, there are several things I need to work on in the kindness department. As I am sure there are many others who can relate.

Sometimes, kindness will requires us to put ourselves in another person’s shoes and to show some compassion toward another. Yet, it can also teach us to not be so judgmental of others or always thinking there is a motive behind what others may say to us or what they do for us. This doesn’t mean at times there couldn’t be a motive behind another person’s actions, but we are to give them the benefit of doubt until proven otherwise and that is where the kindness comes into play. We have to start or at least try to start viewing others as we would want to be viewed by Christ.

However, there are many of you who have no problem showing kindness to others, but for some reason seem incapable of showing any kindness to yourselves. You’re allowing your past to haunt you for the rest of your lives. You’re allowing your past failures and sins to prevent you from growing. Yet, God’s forgiveness is complete. When we pray and ask for forgiveness, it is given. Therefore, you must learn to forgive others and yourselves as well.

Such things like a disagreement with a family member, spouse, friend or even a co-worker can tempt us to be abrupt or uncaring and kindness becomes lost in the battle. When we show kindness, kindness will be given back to us. Just like love that is extended leads to more love. As we begin to show more kindness to others, we will be free of any self-condemnation and become empowered to show kindness more often to ourselves as well.

So, as we start to try and learn how to show a little more kindness and love to others, let’s not forget to include ourselves in these lessons.



  1. You are so right we must be kind to ourselves first before we are kind to anyone else….it is amazing that everything starts with ourself first.

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