Sail On

dreams14Remember when you were a child and someone would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Your eyes would light up like fireworks from excitement, while your heart pounded with anxiousness from trying to get the words out fast enough. You couldn’t wait to tell your dream.

Everyone has a dream. Maybe from your childhood or you just realized what your dream is. Well, regardless of when you realized your dream, you do have one.

So, now my question is “What are you doing with your dream?”

You want to know why most dreams never come true. Well, it’s not because we are not smart enough, or outgoing enough, and it has nothing to do with how spiritual you are. Nope! It’s none of those things. The reason we don’t reach our dreams is because we’re unwilling to take the necessary risks to reach them.

I’ll use myself as an example. Since I was small I always knew I wanted to write. I love writing and I have always loved books. I also wanted to someday publish my own magazine, write for a magazine and to become an author. Well, I have accomplished two out of the three parts of my dream. I was the creator, writer, editor and publisher of a monthly informational zine that I distributed throughout my community. I was also a columnist for an online and print magazine. And because I love helping others and I love to write, I started my blog “Whatcherylsaid.’ And one day I will have written and published at least one book.

My point for telling you about my dream was to show you that in order for your dream to come true, you must believe it, prepare for it and be ready when it happens. I believed I could create a magazine that others would want to read. I believed that I would one day write for a magazine and when the time came, I was prepared (with articles). Now, I must remain focused to complete my dream, which is to write a book and have it published.

I am sure we all may have known someone that always talked about their dream, dreamed about their dream and had plans for their dream. They may have spent a lot of time on their dream, but never took the risk to make their dream a reality. They never took their ship off land and eventually they died – and so did their dream.

Don’t let that be you! A life lived with unfulfilled dreams is a tragedy. Ships aren’t made for the land. They’re made to set sails. Sail on!



  1. I need to read that this morning! That lifted my spirts thank you!

  2. I once hear a quote that goes like this: “A vision without a task is just a dream. But a task without a vision is drudgery.”
    Yup, to accomplish our dreams, we need to work for them.

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