Your Abilities are the Map for Your Life

giftsTest_handsOnce upon a time there were four sport stars that wanted to start a school just for sport stars. They decided the courses would include track, swimming, gymnastics and basketball. They also decided that all of the sport stars should take all of the courses.

That is where the problem started. The swimmer was much better than his teacher at swimming, but he only made passing grades in gymnastics and was poor in basketball. So, they made him drop swimming and stay after school to practice basketball. This caused him to have less stamina when it came to swimming and his grade dropped to an average in swimming class. However, everybody felt less threatened and more comfortable with that, everyone except the swimmer.

The track star started at the top of her class in track, but because of so much make-up work in gymnastics, she kept getting muscle spasms and Charlie horses from over-extension, causing her to only get a “C” in track and a “D” in gymnastics. The basketball player was the problem student and was disciplined for being a nonconformist. You see, in basketball class he would beat all the others making his shots, but he insisted on dunking every time. Finally, when he refused to take part in swimming class, he was expelled.

The point is that we were all designed to excel in specific areas and are not expected to be good at every other thing. When you expect everybody to fit in the same mold, all you’re going to get is frustration, discouragement, resentment and failure. A bird was made to be a bird and not something else.

How has trying to excel in an area that does not fit you kept you from being your best? Based on your spiritual gifts, abilities, personality and experiences what do you think God wants you to do with your life? Do you even know what your spiritual gifts are?

You were made to be you. You have been given unique abilities and should use them as they were intended for you to use them. Your abilities are the map for your life. It shows you the direction. When you know what you are good at, then you will know what it is God wants you to do with your life.


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