Embrace Your Imperfections!

It’s a shame the way we allow others and even ourselves to feel bad about ourselves. Singer Macy Gray has a very unique voice and she once told the story of how when she was young people would make fun of her voice. They picked on her so bad that she stopped talking for a long time. That unique voice of hers that others use to make fun of has made her millions of dollars, singing songs that only someone with that type of voice could sing.

We all have imperfections. Even those who make fun of others have them and this is for them as well. We have to stop allowing what we think others may be thinking or our own thoughts that seep into our heads regarding our imperfections; making us feel bad about who we are, how we look, how we speak, etc. Every last one of us have something we dislike about ourselves. So brush the negative dirt off your shoulders and get your mind right because it’s time to embrace those little imperfections and realize that those little quirky things we dislike about ourselves are what makes us interesting and special.


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