Heads Up!

communication 6You know, back in the day, if you weren’t a doctor being accessible wasn’t a real priority for most people. If someone dialed your home phone number and you weren’t home, they would leave you a message on your answering machine. And if you didn’t have an answering machine, then they would just keep calling until they got a hold of you. If it were an emergency, they would contact everyone you knew (including your job), until they were able to get a hold of you and all that worked just fine, back then.

Well, those days are long gone…

Now, the Smartphone has not only taken over the planet, but it seems to have also taken over people’s minds. All of a sudden everyone needs to be accessible and easy to find. Everywhere you look people are looking down at their phone. It’s as if they are in some type of trance or something. They’re looking down at their phones while they are in the elevator, on the buses and subways, while crossing the street, at the dinner table and checking their Facebook status is probably the first thing they look at before getting out of bed each morning. Everywhere you look someone is staring down at their phone. And this is what they call being connected …Really!

Here are a few things you miss in life by constantly looking down at your phone.
The present moment – if you were to stop answering emails, texting your friends and updating your status on Facebook, you could really take time and let your mind just wander. Get in tune with your own thoughts, by doing so it will help you to become calmer, more centered and more connected with yourself and others around you.
The pedestrian Sign – Studies show that texting and walking seems to be out numbering texting and driving. (Now, ain’t that something?) Look up from the phone at least until you get across the street or else you may become road kill.
A glance from a cute hottie – Guys and girls are always talking about wanting to meet someone. Well, you will surely miss that opportunity walking around with your head down hypnotized by your phone.
A mouthwatering meal – Aren’t you tired of drooling over all those yummy Instagram food photos. Well, while at a nice restaurant, if you put your phone down long enough you would be able to appreciate the aroma of the various smells, the way your palate explodes from the flavorful food, while enjoying the lovely décor.
Children playing – have you taken the time to just sit on a park bench and watch children play? They are the most daring, creative and energized folks on the planet. They make everything look like fun, so much so, that maybe by watching them you can learn how to add a little play in your own life.
Mother Nature – Is anything more beautiful than enjoying the seasonal changes? I think it is time you noticed the daisies.
BAM! – That glass door in front of you.
Someone’s speaking to you – Been there done that and had it done to me, the ole’ looking at your phone while a loved one or friend is talking. Let us guilty parties take into consideration that maybe what they are trying to tell us is important. The text messages can wait.
Family first – Some find it hard to unplug once they reach the castle, but even if it is just for an hour, your family (mainly your children) would really appreciate your full attention.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a heads up!


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