Attention Please

attention4“Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others.”
(Philippians 2:4 NCV)

Have you ever witnessed a child patiently waiting at a window for their mom or dad to come and spend time with them and the parent is either really late, which deducts from the time to be spent or the parent just doesn’t show up. To see a child’s face go from pure excitement to total disappointment just breaks your heart.

What people fail to realize is that most people would much rather have the time spent and the attention given, rather than some material object. Granted, material objects are nice, but they can’t hug you, talk to you, listen to you or give you any of the attention you may desire. We all need some form and a certain amount of attention, even those celebs you admire needs tons of attention from their family and fans.

I find it a shame the way doctors are so quick to diagnose a kid that may not pay attention in class or who is a little over active as having “Attention Deficit Disorder” (ADD) and gets the parents to go along with the idea that little Johnny needs medication, when all he’s really after is some attention. It seems we all live in an ADD world. It could seem we all have Attention Deficit Disorder because all of our gadgets leaving us so distracted that we don’t pay attention to those around us.

Walk into a meeting at work, I bet the majority of people will have their heads down looking at their phones, reading emails, texts or playing angry bird. Or you have those like me, who wears earbuds while commuting to avoid having to listen to other people conversations. Or you’re out with your friends and you are more concerned about your Facebook and twitter friends, than the ones right in front of you. We have people committing crimes, all because of a lack of attention.

In order for any of our relationships to flourish we must show and be shown attention. By nature some people may not care about what others are interested in; they just want the attention on them, not others. Yet, the best thing you could give others is your attention. Why? Because your attention is also your time and your time is a very valuable part of your life. That is one thing you can never get back, which is why it is so precious when you give it.

Get interested in what your kids are interested in. I am not saying you have to sit and listen to every piece of music they may listen to, but I bet if you took the time to do so, you’ll not only get to hear the lyrics and may even understand what is being said and what’s the meaning, you will also create a bond with your kids and one they will surely appreciate. Start really listening to what your partner and your children have to say. So many times we miss some important information when we don’t fully pay attention and listen. Give some attention to your co-workers when they speak to you. Pay attention to what they’re wearing and give someone a compliment, maybe ask how their family’s doing or just acknowledge them,period. Give a big wave to your neighbor as you walk by each morning. Whether they’re elderly, younger or just plain mean, just show them that you are paying attention.

When we pay attention to others, we are showing an act of love, which can help our relationships as well as our lives.



  1. Good stuff to remember in this post. I am constantly hurt by the lack of attention all around me. Whether it is sitting with a friend who keeps checking her phone or I’m on the phone with my mom while she puts me on hold to answer the other line. It hurts. I feel like I never have anyone’s total attention 😦

    • I hear you girlfriend. I just don’t understand how people can be so blind to what they are doing. Hopefully, your mom and your friend reads this. 🙂 If not, then maybe you should express how you feel, sometimes that is what is needed to make others aware of what they are doing. By the way, I love your writing.

      • My mom stopped doing that because she did read about it in a different post. I think people are so used to being distracted that they don’t even know they are distracted anymore. Thanks so much for the compliment. It really means a lot to me. I really enjoy your blog also 😉

      • 🙂

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