The Promise

comfort zoneSometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be a little scary. Do you remember when you were younger and it was your first day at a new school? What a scary feeling that was, huh? There you were preparing to leave your comfortable surroundings and its familiarity to head out to the unknown.
As those you love and trust drop you at the door of someplace big, someplace scary and leaves you there. After you get out the car and look back at those you love and trust, they have driven off. As you stand at the steps of the big scary place with a big lump in your throat, you’re telling yourself everything will be alright. At the moment you don’t see any familiar faces and that is when the breakdown begins. You start to fumble with your shirt buttons on your new shirt or adjust your new skirt for the umpteenth time, as you try to be brave; when all you really want to do is run for the hills. As you enter the doors of the big place a large tall male approaches you and as he is extending his hand to greet you, he also tries to convince you that everything will be fine, but regardless of what he’s saying, you don’t hear a thing. Then suddenly you get this tug on your heart and its God saying “Fear not, for I am with you.”

Each day and every new experience you will face is just like the first day at a new school. Each day is not only a new and different day, but it is also the renewal of God’s promise to never leave you. If only you get rid of all the anxiety and nervousness and allow him and his angels to guide you through the school of life, things will be just fine. When the day is over and you’ve gone to all your classes, had lunch in the cafeteria and even met some new friends, you would have realized that all that worrying you did earlier in the day was for nothing. There was nothing for you to fear because you were never alone. God promised to stay with you and he kept his word and by you making it through what started out to you as a scary day, actually turned out not so bad after all.

So, whenever you are heading someplace beyond your comfort zone, pretend it’s your first day at a new school, but always remember that God promised that if you just take one step he will take two for you.



  1. very beautifully said. It’s always a good reminder to step out of your comfort zone. The biggest regrets are the ones you didn’t take. 🙂

  2. I really love that idea that if I take one step, God will take 2 for me.. What a beautiful image! I’m on a bit of a ‘journey of change’ so this is just what I needed to hear! Thank you xx

    • I am glad you found it helpful, Wendy. Change is good for us all. I am always sitting and reflecting on ways to change myself for the better…I think that is the introvert side of me. 🙂 Enjoy your journey!

      • Thanks Cheryl.. Yep it’s a case of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ (great book for that ‘introvert’ in us by Susanne Jeffers..) xx

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