Finding Relief

let it go2
When you keep things inside it doesn’t make things any better. The fact is, when you keep those hurt feelings inside without opening up, you just may blow up. When you have a lot going on inside, you must find some way to let it out. If not, the weight of it all can tear you up, put you in a choke hold and can even push you into situations that may not serve in yours or anyone else’s best interest. Besides, keeping things bottled up inside can cause all sorts of illnesses, chemically, emotionally and not to mention just plain old despair.

It is tempting to want to eat away what bothers us, drink the problem away or think we can just smoke it all away and “puff” “puff” it disappears. A better choice would be to get a journal and write about it. However, there comes a time when each of us must trust someone enough to open ourselves up for a full review and examination. No, it is not an easy thing to do because at some point we would have to admit and acknowledge our faults. It is even worse because we now have to accept that we may have made a bad choice, wrong decision or some mistake that may have cost us a lot. Yet, that would be the greatest time to realize and allow others to know and see you as being human.

When we are going through some things in life, it is necessary for our well-being to find a way to open up and let someone know just what is going on inside of us. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to an examination or some outside scrutiny. A lot of times having an objective point of view helps a great deal, because there is no judgment, only what the other person is observing from what you’ve explained to them. You have to be willing to release the discomfort of the hurt and pain that you have stored inside your heart and your mind in order to begin to heal. Once you do so, you shall find relief.


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