How to Be True to Yourself

Do you know that if you tell yourself something long enough, you will believe it? Do you also know that if you don’t take the time to question why you do what you do, you can become convinced that you cannot do anything else? And do you also know that other people will be more than happy to help you stay convinced? If you notice, people have this habit of telling other people who they are. They tell you who they need you to be, who they expect you to be and who they want you to be. It’s when you listen to people telling you about who you are that you start to realize you cannot be yourself because for so long you have been someone else.

How much of what you do is what is expected of you and how can you figure out how much of you is them? If you are constantly defending the reasons, making excuses and offering up explanations for why you are the way you are, you may never know the truth of your being.

The way to become true to yourself is to not accept the expectations of others as the fabric of your being. Stand in your true identity without guilt, defense or apologies. Only then will you become true to yourself.


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