The Vacation Checklist

vacation 1Ok, you’ve got your stress-free packing timeline all put together. Now, here’s the items you may want to add to begin checking off your list. When this is all done, all you’ll need to do is head off to your destination, be safe and have a BLAST!

Personal Items – (make-up, hair products, shaving items, toiletries and any prescriptions you may need) be sure to pack on those items you need and be sure to use Ziploc bags in case something opens while in flight. Anything you forget can be purchased once you arrive at your destination.

Clothing – After you’ve checked out the anticipated weather for where you’re going, you may want to mix and match your tops and bottoms. And ladies, a few cute wrap dresses will not only make you look fabulous, but helps for easier packing and this way you’ll have more options within your wardrobe.

Shoes – This is where you do not want to go bananas. Leave the red bottoms at home. If you must bring them, bring one pair. Shoes kill space, so you want to pack as few of them as possible. Also, pack them in plastic recycled grocery bags to keep them from soiling your clothing.

Accessories – Just like the red bottoms, you can leave all the bling at home. Expensive bling will only disappear regardless of how secure the hotels say they are. Try taking only costume jewelry, belts, a few small purses and scarves, just the basics.

Office Supplies – Don’t forget to pack maps, guidebooks, pen and paper, magazines and a great novel for when you have some downtime.

Travel Binder – This need not be a big bulking binder, just something to store all of your important information like; passport, vacation itinerary, any car rental reservations, copies of your hotel reservations, your credit card phone numbers and account numbers (in case of theft), some post cards to send to those back home and any other important vacation information needed.

Technology – Let’s see, do you have your camera, MP3 player, phone, GPS, etc. Be sure to pack the necessary chargers, batteries, and cable and power cords for each item as well. If you are going to a foreign country you may need a special power converter as well.

Special Diet Foods – Only pack items that you know cannot be purchased at the location of which you headed.

Carry-on bag – We all know suitcases can get lost. So, your carry-on bag should include all the basic items you’ll need for at least a day or two. Items you should include are a change of clothing, toiletries, medications, contact lens and solution, as well as a pair of eye glasses and sun glasses. Be sure to include that important travel binder, special diet foods, maps and guidebooks too.



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  1. The Vacation Checklist

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