15 Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

rubbing alcohol1. Clean mirrors: Using rubbing alcohol as a mirror cleaner is great for its quick evaporation.
2. Clean dry erase boards: Rubbing alcohol cuts through all the marker buildup on your whiteboard. Pour a little on a paper towel and wipe.
3. Natural degreaser: Along with being a great disinfectant, rubbing alcohol is tough on oil, so it breaks through gunk. Dampen a paper towel with rubbing alcohol, and use it for wiping greasy spots.
4. Homemade deodorant: DIY deodorant by pouring rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle with a few drops of essential oil and then spirtz your underarms. Just avoid spraying right after shaving (ouch!).
5. Stain remover: Rubbing alcohol does an amazing job on stains and when mixed with other ingredients, it makes an amazing spot remover.
6.Sterilizer: Due to its high alcohol content, rubbing alcohol is a safe sterilizer, perfect to use on tweezers or scissors.
7. Hand sanitizer: In a pinch, reach for rubbing alcohol when your hands need a quick cleaning. Just avoid overusing, as rubbing alcohol is very drying.
8. Treat bug bites: Take the itch out of bug bites by dabbing them with rubbing alcohol, which evaporates fast, leaving a cooling sensation.
9. Get rid of scuff marks: If your floor is covered with scuff marks, dab a bit of rubbing alcohol on paper towels and rub over marks. They’ll lift right up.
10. Stainless steel cleaner: Lift fingerprints off your stainless steel appliances and water spots off bathroom fixtures with a quick wipe of rubbing alcohol.
11. Keep windows frost free: Because rubbing alcohol doesn’t freeze, it helps present frost or ice from forming on widows. Spray over your windshield during the cold months for a quick deicing.
12. DIY room spray: Rubbing alcohol makes an amazing room deodorizer when mixed with essential oils. Pour into a small spray bottle and add 10 to 20 drops of your favorite scent to use for refreshing your space. And you can use it as perfume too!
13. Remover sticky residue: That sticky residue left after removing stickers or labels? Dampen a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and rub to watch it go away.
14. Sterilizer: Due to its high alcohol content, rubbing alcohol is a safe sterilizer, perfect to use on tweezers or scissors.
15. Get rid of shoe odor: Fix your smelly sneakers by spritzing them with rubbing alcohol. It helps life the smell and refreshes shoes.



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