21 Frugal Ways to Enjoy Summer

frugal life styleWhat’s more fun in the summer than enjoying those warm sunny summer days or just lazing around? Here are a few frugal ways for you to get started on a relaxing journey.

1. Go to a Farmers Market and sample various goodies.
2. Do your body and mind some good and go on a relaxing nature hike.
3. Make some fresh pink lemonade.
4. Go shopping at a flea market.
5. Visit a zoo.
6. Literally, fly a kite.
7. Enjoy one of the many outdoor concerts.
8. Fire up the grill.
9. Sit out on the patio or deck with a good book as you enjoy nature.
10. Have a picnic at the beach, a park or in your very own back yard.
11. Swim in a pool or a lake.
12. Walk your dog while exploring a new neighborhood.
13. Have a garage sale.
14. Go on a mini road trip.
15. Meet a friend for some chit-chat and coffee.
16. Have a yard sale.
17. Make some yummy Popsicles.
18. Grab a few guys and gals and have a fun game of tag football.
19. Make your very own jars of jams.
20. Sleep under the bright stars by camping outdoors.
21. Get those poles and can of worms together and go fishing.


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