You Are Alive

being alive 2If just for a second, why not stop and appreciate the fact that you are alive.

There is so much going on and our world is full of troubling circumstances, like some of the worse natural disasters we’ve seen in our time in a while, millions of people dying daily from lack of food and no adequate medical care and not to mention many of the other troublesome things that bring death to many around us as well as other nations, which only causes a lack of hope for millions of people worldwide.

Yet, if only for a second of everyday you would stop and appreciate the fact that you are alive, not only would you appreciate life more, but maybe you’ll become inspired to help others appreciate their life as well.

We are the only ones that are able to spread a message of hope and faith to others, but we must first gather our own hope by realizing how blessed we are, even if all we have are simple things. Some people have nothing and I mean nothing, to go along with their hopelessness. We have to start putting our pride aside and use the blessing of being alive to spread messages of hope to those around us and those around the world that may be running low on it.


  1. Such powerful words. Thanks for sharing 😉

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