Sometimes You Just Need to Let It Out!

darkest night
First, I’ll say, if you can help it…don’t judge me. There’s a story in everyone and everywhere.

The other night while flipping through the television channels for something to watch, I stopped at this reality show called “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” The show follows five friends belonging to very wealthy families as they spend their (or their parents’) money. It shows them dating, jumping around on yachts popping bottles, just living it up and it is all live in public via social media like Twitter and Instagram.

However, this particular episode was a very touching one and it touched on so many issues that many are dealing with or going through.

Dorothy Wang and her parents were heading to China for an award ceremony because her father was being honored for all the wonderful real state he has produced in China. Dorothy thought it would be a good idea to have her friends come along on the trip. This way, they can all have a good time together while in another country and her friends would get to learn a little bit about Dorothy’s culture.

While there among other places, Dorothy took them to this wonderful building that her father had built for children with learning, physical and mental disabilities. While at the building Morgan (one of the girls) commented on how beautiful, relaxing and calm the place felt. Dorothy explained how her father wanted something very special to be built for the children, so he had the best technology placed there and everything that will help them to be able to excel and feel like they have a place to belong in spite of their disabilities.

Here’s where the water works began for me.

Morgan asked her friends “Can you imagine having a disability where you have no control over your mind or thoughts?” As she tried to fight back the tears, she told them something she has never told anyone before. That when she was younger her older brother had become very distant from the family and that he would just stay in his room all the time. Then he began hearing voices. Her parents took him to all the best doctors to find out what was going on with him, and he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. He now lives in Switzerland, where it is a much calmer environment and seems to be helping with his condition. Her friends couldn’t believe that she had never mentioned her brother before. She said “I never told anyone, that I had an older brother, but I am so tired of carrying that pain around with me all these years and it feels good to finally let it out.”

Many of us are carrying around some really serious stuff inside of us. Things we have been dealing with and suffering with on our own for quite a while. We dare not talk to anyone about it, not even those we consider our best friends.

Could it be we don’t share that part of our lives with others because we are afraid of being judged? Maybe there is a little bit of shame. Or we figure they won’t understand what we are going through, so why bother. There could be a host of reasons why we keep things bottled up inside of us. Yet, one day just like Morgan, you may be at a place that allows you to unleash all that you are holding inside.

I hope this helps at least one person and hopefully, it will allow someone to be at a place where they feel comfortable enough or fed up enough to where they just need to let it out.


  1. Thank you for this post. So many people in the world have trouble expressing their own troubles (because it’s, you know, troubling). It truly is the first step towards healing. Working in the mines right now, there are lot of ‘tough blokes’ around me, but whenever I happen to speak to them one-on-one about anxiety, they each have their own experience with it. I have to wonder if talking about it before it overwhelms a person will prevent the slippery slope that leads to a worsened mental state. If people can talk about anxiety, maybe they won’t get to depression, or worse. There are plenty of people who find it difficult to open up. We can’t always wait for them to come to us. Thank you for keeping the conversation alive and well in people’s minds.

    • Hi Marigold,

      Thank you, for your comment. I do believe when you share with others something you may be going through, it allows them to share as well. It is a healing to you all. I commend you for sharing yourself with others, not everyone is that strong or courageous to do so. I am sure those “tough blokes” appreciate you and your openness. Keep talking and helping others, because in the end you are also helping yourself. That is why i started this blog, to help others as well as my self. God bless You! May you and your mates remain safe in those mines. talk to you soon! 🙂

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