PURIFY your life // A minimalist guide

simple2Taking time for oneself is a constant battle. you may have a full time job, or two, a marriage, children, a busy social calendar, etc. whatever the case may be, I’ve realized that taking time for myself is crucial to my peace of mind, happiness and creativity. But the challenges of rearranging your days to include alone time can often feel like a chore in itself, rather than restful time. Regardless of how few and far between you can schedule it, here are some tips of how to take time for yourself.

1. Turn off your phone + computer.
Remove the temptation of checking instagram or Facebook, put down the technology, and turn it off, to free yourself of distraction. the result can help motivate you to read that book that’s been sitting on the shelf collecting dust, writing a letter or a thank you note, taking time to get to know a new neighbor, organizing your cabinets or working on that project you’ve been putting off.

2.Cleanse your environment.
Freshening up your home may seem like a chore, but when the focus and intent is in the right place, it can feel like you’ve given your space a facelift. Whenever I clean, I open my windows and let the fresh air and sounds are my distraction. It also helps to use natural cleansers that don’t cloud your head with chemicals, and leave your home feeling actually clean, rather than a hospital. Throw things away or donate them, if you don’t use it you don’t need it … but you knew I’d say that.

3.Pamper yourself.
Pour yourself a big glass of cool water, remove your makeup and polish, and really pamper yourself. Take a cool shower, scrub yourself clean, apply a masque or paint your nails. Enjoy eating healthy veggies and juice something special with ginger and mint that will feel fresh yet tasty.

I find that alone time really pushes me to do what I’ve been dreaming of. That fabric soon becomes a beautiful dress, that block of wood becomes a brand new bowl, and that hairstyle becomes reality with some practice.

I realize these things may not seem important, but think back to the days before you were born. What did people do to fill their time, when they didn’t have unlimited access to everything? They worked for what they wanted, and they valued that time in their daily lives. I want to live in that state of mind. Understanding that I am not a superhero, I am not indestructible. My life does get chaotic, I get stressed, I get sick and I get angry and frustrated at others and myself. The value in that understanding is that I can make my life better, with just a little bit of time each week, and you can too.

Taken from: Seablanket


  1. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day things, and then when it comes to the end of the week/month/year you realise you don’t remember doing much, because you haven’t had the time to value anything. Thank you for this reminder – we all need it every now and then. If we pause to reflect it can help stop that tidal wave of stress building in our minds, and we learn to appreciate our lives again 🙂

    • Amen! I think as we get older we begin to appreciate the little and simple things more. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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