I Will Not Be Defeated

defeat4You may encounter many defeats in life, but you must not be defeated. Matter-of-fact, some of those defeats you encounter are necessary, so you know who you are, what you can rise from and how you can still come out of it.

You should embrace every obstacle that comes your way. Can you imagine life without any of the challenges that are presented to us? Without obstacles, how would you know how strong you are? How would you know what you are capable of, if you never had anything blocking your path? You wouldn’t know!

Many great people have been made who they are by the challenges that have been presented before them and by gaining strength in attempting to overcome them. It takes courage, strength, will and determination to overcome and defeat those obstacles that come along in life. So, consider yourself blessed. Yes! You were blessed with the ability to handle those obstacles because there are many folks that aren’t capable of doing so.

All those scars you may have encountered from your struggles or challenges, those are battle scars and you have survived and won the battle by overcoming them. You should be proud of how far you have come and where you are today because of those challenges. I know it may not seem that great to you right now, but just because you may not be where you want to be at the moment, you sure as hell aren’t where you use to be and baby, that there is a wonderful thing.

So, the next time some challenge comes your way and you start to feel hopeless or like you want to give up. You think about where you’ve been, remember all those past challenges and obstacles that tried to get in your way and you look at how far you have come. You didn’t give up then and you won’t give up going forward, because “You Will Not Be Defeated.”


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