Facing the Truth

face itIn life when we want to feel relief or be released from our hurts, habits and hang-ups in life, we are going to have to deal with our fear of being honest. There are three types of fears that keep you in a rut and they cause you to be afraid to face the truth.

1.The fear of your own emotions:
You are afraid that if you deal with the issue, the memory, the event, the sin, the abuse, the accident or the hurt, that you will not be able to handle your emotions, the grief or the shame. You fear that if you be honest you may go out of your mind.

Yet, it is alright. You are broken not crazy. Every human being has had something they are keeping inside that they fear telling. It’s not as big of a deal as you think it is. So consider yourself in good company, because we all are broken. We all have insecurities, fears and habits that we don’t like.

2.The fear of what other will think or how they will react:
You are afraid to be honest because you might be rejected, dismissed or abandoned. You’re afraid to be yourself, because you’re all you’ve got and if others don’t like what they see, you feel you will be in trouble. You are also afraid that others will try to fix you, so you keep it all in. You have got to get over that fear!

3.The fear that being honest is useless:
You are feeling like what good would it do? What is the point of telling anyone? Why tell anyone else about the things you are struggling with? You may feel like you’ve been there before and what good did it do you, it didn’t help.

The truth is you haven’t been there before. You didn’t really go there! You haven’t been totally honest, because if you had you would be released from the fear by now. By telling the truth and being totally honest, you may be helping someone that has the same fears as you.

What is it about your past that you are keeping hidden from others? What are you feeling inside that you are not confronting to those that may have hurt you or allowed you to be hurt?

We all have fears, but if we talk about those fears, confess and share them with someone who would understand what we fear, then and only then can we be released. If you are hurting and keeping something hidden about yourself, don’t you want to be released? Isn’t it time you face the truth?


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