Letter To a Friend

depression-1Dear Friend,

There is something you must know. No, I take that back. It is crucial that you take these words I am about to say to you and place them into the deepest part of the basis of your being. You see, these words are very vital to your existence. I know you are probably thinking no words can help you right about now. Trust me these words I am about to say to you are going to feed, nurture and nourish you. They are going to support, assist and guide you as well. When it seems all else has failed, well these words I am about to say to are going to give you the strength and courage you need to weather that storm and the fire you are going through. They aren’t any fancy words. They are really simple words, yet they are powerful. I am hoping you will accept them as in the spirit of which they are being given to you, for I am sure you will be blessed. Please my dear friend, receive these words from me to you – Life loves you!

You see there, that wasn’t so bad … I told you they were simple words. However, I want you to feel the power of what is being said to you. I want you to take it all in and allow yourself to absorb every morsel that will be spoken to you.

You are my friend and I want you to know that just as I do, life loves’ you so much that it lives as you, it breathe as you, it even expresses itself as you. My friend, life love’s you so much that it does everything in its power to stay in you, to be with you and it allows you to depend on it. Life thinks you are the bomb! Life is totally in love with you. Life wants to be like you, look like you and live like you do, because it respects and totally honors all that you are.

Each day that life sees you coming, it gets all excited! So, excited to where it can barely contain itself. Life wants to fill you up, spill over through you and experience all that you have to offer and just as you are. You don’t have to be anything more than who you are for life to love you. If you were to ask life what’s so special about you? What makes you so loveable? The answer would be just simply…You are alive! That is all it takes to make you loved, loving and loveable.

Whoa! Doesn’t it feel good to know you are loved? For a while there you may not have realized how much life loves you. You probably believed that life was no were on your side. Well, my friend I am asking that you take this moment to be honored, to treasure and begin enjoying life’s love for you. As you sit alone in your thoughts, please think to ask life to continue filling you up with its love.

Always and forever!
Your friend


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