Stop Imagining the Worse

pain15We are equipped to go through anything. It’s how we get through it that’s the result of what we tell ourselves about going through it. It’s when change is about to happen that we seem to remember others, the many others that have been where you are about to go. You start to remember their pain, their tears and the hard time they had. You also remember being there for them and being afraid for what they were about to face. Now, here you are, on the verge of a break-up or some type of breakdown. Maybe it’s some form of growth experience you are about to embark upon, but all you can remember is the pain. Stop imagining the worse because it doesn’t have to be that way, if you don’t allow it to be.

The only thing that makes an experience more painful and more difficult than it needs to be, are all the things you keep telling yourself about going through the experience. Truly, you do know that all things happen for a reason, with that being said, you must be aware that there is something better waiting on the other side. You have to stop telling yourself horror stories and thinking that something or someone vicious is lurking ahead and as you stop filling your head with scary thoughts all the fears, guilt and shame will fade away.

When I went through my divorce I was scared and unsure of how I was going to take care of three small children, not to mention one having a disability all on my own. Yet, I did it! I made it through. Yes, it was hard, it was real hard, but just like you I was equipped to get through it all and I did. Believe me when push comes to shove, you are much stronger than you realize you are.

Change doesn’t have to be hard and the healing part doesn’t have to hurt. We are so quick to expect a situation to be challenging, stressful or painful; we seem to embrace the worse. When the truth is we are capable of going through and getting through anything. Maybe you have been resistant of what you are capable of because you continue to prep yourself for the pain. Stop imagining the worse! Allow yourself to get through the storm of an emotional experience and do so without telling yourself how bad or hard or how painful it’s going to be. When you expect to experience pain, then you experience things painfully. When you expect to experience a great outcome,you will. Stop imagining the worse.


  1. It truly does come down to expectations, what we expect from this or that, or from life in general.

    An excellent post, Cheryl. Thank you. 🙂

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