How to Really Communicate

There are several ways of communicating, and I will be the very first to admit I can express myself much better in writing than I can talk. Yet, I am ok with that because if given a choice I prefer writing over talking any day. However, I am a great communicator. You’re probably saying “Excuse me! How can you be a great communicator if you’re not good at talking?”

Well dear one, communication is more than just talking! Communication is about interaction between souls that serves a higher purpose. Communication is this process which you assimilate, digest, and ingest all the light, love and wisdom from the souls around you. It is that process when we truly learn to be authentic and when we learn to trust as we also learn that we can be trusted. Open and honest heartfelt communication is the best thing we all can give ourselves. It is a way of learning to hear others as well as being heard.

Being in true communications with another person allows you the chance to be clear about your needs, desires and your intentions. You can also have the clarity of their expectations of you as well. Here are two examples: of non-verbal communication.You’re lounging on the sofa cuddling while watching a movie with your sweetie, you are not saying anything to each other, but there is some form of unspoken communication going on there. The other is when as a child your mother would give you the “look”, we all have had the “look” and knew exactly what it meant without a word needing to be said.

When you have open and honest communication it allows you to get your perception and predisposition placed in check! When you really communicate you are ultimately sharing your truth, learning the truth and experiencing the impact of which that truth may have. Real communication is so much more than just talking; talking to impress someone, talking to make a point or talking to just pass the time. Real communication is good interaction between minds and hearts and is great for healing and the evolution of souls.

Maybe you have yet to realize the value and the importance of true communication. At your next opportunity to communicate with someone, be intentional when you open your mouth or your ears so you can really communicate with them. That is how to really communicate!


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