Take time to Play

play1You hear a lot about children having play dates. Their parents make appointments with other children parents for their children to have play time together. How sweet is that? Yet, it seems once we become adults, we become these really serious people and play dates become extinct.

Finding the balance in your life can be pretty tricky. Some of us feel guilty when we not working. Play time has become undervalued; why not since, hard work is rewarded with promotions, raises and bonuses. Besides, you never hear anyone telling you that you need more play time in your life.

Some find me to be wacky anyway, so I don’t have a problem doing silly stupid stuff if I’m in the mood. One of my close girlfriends and I hang out every other weekend and when we get together we act like two silly teenagers. It is such fun to just laugh and act totally silly for a few hours. My girlfriend appreciates it too, especially when she is going through a tough time. I also, enjoy those winters (depending on how high the snow is) when I’ll gather up my sons and our dog for a night of loud and crazy snowball fights. Yes, we get peeps from the neighbors looking out of their windows wonder what the heck kind of craziness is going on or from those driving by. And yes, we are soaking wet, out of breath, cold and a little exhausted, but at the end of the night we had fun playing together.

Exercise, relaxation and laughter help you to combat any stress you may have in your life. That is why having some silly play time with your spouse, lover and friends can make you closer and form a bond between you. It’s something maybe you should do if you plan on having lasting relationships. This would be very helpful when there are hard times you need to get through together. A little play time will help you get through those difficult moments. Besides think of all the “Remember that time” memories you’ll have to talk about later.

So the next time you begin jotting down all those important meetings, business lunches and project due dates, try putting an entry of play time with those you love and care about on your calendar as well. I am not saying you need to play in the snow, or act like silly teenagers, but do something playful, something totally out of the norm. They will be happy you left a little room for them in your life.


  1. Thank-you for the wonderful, timely post. It resonated strongly with me. Sincerely,
    Mary 🙂

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