Ask the Chef

experiences 1As you sit at life’s table, you never know what the chef has prepared to serve you. Life may serve you a tender filet mignon with a tasty side of potatoes and veggies on a beautiful platter made in Italy. Or life may serve you some hearty vegetable soup in a porcelain china bowl. The porcelain china bowl may have a small crack and placed on top of a regular plate. Life could also serve you a burnt Cornish hen served with a side of ice cold vegetables, all on top of a table with lovely lace linen. Maybe you will get served greasy fatty foods or some low-fat goodies. The point is, no matter what you are served in life, or how it is served to you, it is up to you to find the nourishment in it.

All experiences in your life are nourishment for your soul. They are what make up the meat and potatoes of your character. Some of your experiences may be quite filling. Others could have you feeling starved! Yet, if you insist that you should have been served lobster when you were served steak, you may miss the fact that it was served on a beautiful platter made in Italy.

You must not get caught up in what life has served you. For there is a chef in the kitchen of your heart that knows exactly what type of diet you need to remain strong and healthy. Don’t focus on how you were served. Instead ask the chef how you should eat it, how to digest it and how to make the best of what you have been served. Also, don’t try to figure out why you got what you got, but be grateful you got something. You see, if you got it, you can use it, just ask the chef how.

You may have been more concerned with why you have had certain experiences than how they have nurtured and nourished you. Just remind yourself that “He has prepared the table before me.” He must know what I need. All you have to do is “Ask the Chef.”


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