You Deserve It!


We’ll buy an expensive dress, a vintage bottle of wine, extravagant pieces of furniture, even a lovely bouquet of flowers, all for that special occasion. Well, aren’t you special? What is the special occasion? What if you never get to see that special occasion that you’re saving all those things for? Then you’ll just have a bunch of expensive items left behind to be divided among loved ones that will have the pleasure of using or wearing your item for that special occasion, whenever they feel like it.

Why is it that we have programmed our minds to think that luxury items are only for special occasions? Why don’t we feel we are special enough to buy and use those luxury items whenever we feel like it? After all, wouldn’t seem that those days that you are not feeling too great about yourself or when life just doesn’t seem to be going your way, is when you should pull out those special items to help lift your spirits?

It doesn’t take putting yourself into bankruptcy or maxing out your credit card to the absolute limit for you to treat yourself to a loving gift that reminds you that you are worth it and your life is worth enjoying. You are worth fussing over! So, go on, treat yourself to something special that you absolutely love and don’t save it for a special occasion. Use it now, because you deserve it!


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