The Self Absorbing One Day Challenge

self love17I have a simple, but risky proposition for you that I hope you take to heart and do the challenge. You must let others such as family and friends know when you are about to take on the challenge, so that there are no distractions from the challenge. The challenge will take only one whole day. That’s right for twenty-four hours, I want you to become totally self-absorbed, self-obsessed and self-centered. Not in a bragging talking about yourself kind of way nor in a conceded type of way. Matter-of-fact you are not to talk to others for twenty-four hours.

Now if you feel you can’t handle the challenge then there is no need for you to continue to read this post. However, if you are down for the cause (which is you), then continue to read.

You may have been totally absorbed by people, duties, responsibilities and obligations in your life now, for a while. Just for one day I want you to become totally absorbed in yourself.

Here is what you must do for those twenty-four hours.

For one entire day you are to talk ONLY to yourself!
Encourage yourself
Correct yourself
Compliment yourself
Pump yourself up with the most descriptive words you can find in your vocabulary.
Focus only on the things you like and want.
Stop all duties, responsibilities and obligations to everyone else. Only take care of yourself.
You are to pamper yourself
Soak your tired body
Take a nap or two
Write yourself a love letter
Pray for yourself

Do whatever you want to do with you and for yourself for a whole twenty-four hours. It will be a totally mind blowing experience for you!

There is however one catch. You must believe you are worth the time. So, go on, give yourself permission to spend some quality time with yourself. I would love to know the outcome. 🙂


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