Ways to Love Yourself More

love yourself moreThere’s no magic recipe for self-confidence, but there are certainly a few everyday habits that can set you on the right path. Whether you’re stressed, overcommitted, bored, or simply insecure, here are some quick tips to help you boost your self-esteem and maintain a positive attitude. Struggling to feel good about yourself? Here are simple ways to love yourself more:
1. Surround yourself with positive people. Moods and attitudes can be contagious, so if you’re hoping to boost your self-esteem, it’s important to keep confident company. Steer clear of the Debbie Downers: people who are constantly rattling off their insecurities will only prompt you to acknowledge yours.

2. Be a planner. Organization is key to feeling good on a day-to-day basis, so do what you need to do to stay on top of your schedule. Rushing around, running late, and missing deadlines puts you on the fast track to anxiety, but you can avoid these common culprits by simply tackling your to-do list.

3. Make time to do the things you enjoy. To be your best self, you need to set aside plenty of time for the hobbies and passions that fulfill you. Whether it’s long walks, a good book, or a few minutes of art each day, you need to prioritize the simple pastimes that put you at ease.

4. Get plenty of Z’s. If you’re exhausted and run-down, your mood — and your confidence — is sure to plummet. You need energy to be social and productive, so try to avoid burnout by balancing your work with plenty of R&R.

5. Reward yourself regularly. If you don’t stop and recognize your achievements every once in a while, you’re missing out on crucial opportunities for self-assurance. Tackled a tough task at work? Treat yourself to something small. Those little acknowledgements will build up and serve as a regular reminder of how great you are.

6. Take breaks. Stop, breathe, and soak up life’s small, quiet moments. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a go-go-go mentality that leaves you drained and depleted. Breaks are one of the best ways to relax and recharge, so don’t forget to take a step back every so often.

7. Give back. It’s said often, but it’s true — giving of yourself makes you feel better in return. Volunteer, join a community group, or simply donate clothes to a nearby shelter to trigger a little boost in your confidence.

8. Say “no” when you need to. Being a “yes” person has its advantages, but over committing can lead to stress and anxiety. Skip the tension and let yourself turn down invitations when you’re feeling overwhelmed. In the long run, when you feel balanced, you’ll be happier — and a better person to be around.

9. Move your body. Amp up the feel-good endorphins with morning exercise or a quick walk during your lunch hour. Working out has a laundry list of physical and emotional benefits, so lace up your sneakers for a happier, more carefree outlook.

10. Fill up your calendar. It’s hard to love yourself when you’re cooped up at home. Turn off the computer, call your friends, and pencil in regular activities that you can look forward to throughout the week. Travel, visit friends, make coffee dates — the point is, you need to get out and about or you’ll end up feeling down on yourself.


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  1. Great advice 🙂

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