Nothing Goes as Planned

Dandelion Flowers - Blowballs at SunsetTricia Hawkins considered herself to be a perfectionist. Everything in her life had to be perfect. And like most young women she would dream of having the fairytale life. After all she had been planning the way her life would be since she was fourteen years old. She was going to meet the perfect guy and they have a fairytale wedding. They would have two perfect children, a boy and girl (in that order) and they will live in the perfect neighborhood, since her and her perfect husband will both have perfect careers making the perfect amount of money.

As I stated, Tricia like most young women had dreams of a fairytale life; that is until life snaps them back into reality. After seven years of her trying to be in control, Tricia and her perfect husband had the nastiest divorce. Because of all their bickering prior to the divorce, their perfect children suffered deeply and to escape from it all they got involved in some not so perfect activities. Due to Tricia’s depressed state and not being able to get out of bed most days, she missed a lot of days at work. This also, caused her to lose her job, which also caused her and the children ending up having to move out of their perfect neighborhood into a small apartment, in a not so perfect neighborhood. She had to get a less than perfect job just so she could keep life for her and the children a float. Gone was her well planned, well controlled fairy tale life. This is the time Tricia will really need to take control of her life without letting her new life control her.

This is a fabricated anecdote, yet it is very real; because it can happen to anyone. If you are the type of person that likes to always be in control of everything, don’t you think it is time you stop trying to control everything? I hate to burst your bubble, but you can’t control everything in your life no matter how many plans and safeguards you put into place. However, if you are trying to find peace and happiness, you don’t need to control everything, because peace and happiness is already living deep within you, always. Instead of trying so hard to be in control, you should be trying to encourage yourself to commit to giving it up. See what happens when you loosen your grip, throw your hands into the air and allow life to just happen and flow as it does, without trying to constantly micromanage it. Remember, nothing goes as planned.


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