Be Better by Doing Less

Reblogged from “theGoodVader” check out his blog. Very thought provoking!


Today we have come to believe that success means more. More money, more friends, more lovers, more stuff, more credit, more goals, more tasks. If we are not getting more of something, it means we must be doing something wrong, right?

We have come up with a hundred methods to manage our goals, because we must have many goals. Only losers have few or no goals, right?

Our inbox is about to explode, and if yours isn’t then you start to worry that you might get fired soon.

So we work more, and we live less.

Having more has become a race to the top, not noticing we are actually running to a cliff.

More is not Better

We have become so obsessed to do more, to be more or to have more that we have confused the idea of “more” with “better”. And more definitely does not necessarily equals…

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