The Many Facets of Love

friends 74Most people confuse loving someone with wanting to be in a loving relationship with them. It is perfectly natural and normal for a human being to want the companionship of another human being. We want to be held and heard, honored and respected, cherished and valued by someone. Of course you can have these things in your life, one way or another, but at times it seems that if they are not tied up in an intimate, loving relationship you begin to wonder why no one wants to be in a relationship with you.

Some of us are confused about what a relationship is and what it says about us. We confuse the need to have love, care and concern with our desire to be in an intimate union. We also can be confused by a good, loving platonic relationship to mean we are being rejected in some way. To be in a relationship is a choice! We have a right to choose to be or not to be in a relationship. And what someone chooses may have nothing to do with you.

You must know that it is very possible for people to love and care about you without experiencing you in an intimate, loving relationship.

Some may not like hearing this and some may be confused by it. Yet, I suggest you chill out on your demand to be in an intimate, loving relationship! Focus and appreciate the love in the relationships you have right now! As we all know, most long term platonic relationships that suddenly turn into something intimate usually ruins the friendship and then the relationship all together.

Relationships as a whole are difficult enough without that added pressure of feeling you must be intimate in order to be loved by someone or to show your love. Start embracing the love, support and comfort you are receiving in the relationships you have with your family and those friends that are dear to you, then when the time comes for you to be in an intimate relationship, you will be better in touch with your feelings and able to enjoy and appreciate the relationship as a whole that much more.


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