Nothing to Worry About

Why do we worry? If we have learned anything by now it is that worrying serves no purpose. And yet, we do it anyway. Why worry? You run around all frazzled, or you sit frantically, worrying about something you can’t do anything about. You make yourself sick as you do everything, except pull all your hair out, and for what?

Don’t you know that if all the worrying you do could make things better, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about?

I remember when my sons were teenagers and they would be out at night. I would stay up worrying every night. Despite how tired I may have been, I could not or should I say, I would not go to sleep until I heard their key turning in the door. The next day, I would be at work exhausted from being up the night before. You think my sons worried about me worrying? Ha, they sure didn’t. It was an awful feeling every night, with my stomach turning, heart racing, the worse scenarios playing in my head. I was a MESS! I am sure those of you with teenagers can totally relate to what I went through. Not that they were bad teens, but boys sometimes can get themselves into some outrages things and not give it a thought, never mind a second thought, until after the fact.

I finally realized that I needed to drop all that worrying and get me some trust. In other words I had to get a GRIP! In order for me to release myself from the bondage of worry that I had tied myself up in, I had to strengthen my trust in God and just put it all in his hands. After all, I had no control over what might or might not happen anyways. Let me tell you, once I did that, I felt so much better. It was like a burden was lifted off of me. I am not saying I no longer worry, that would be a flat out lie. Of course I do, but I don’t worry to the point of my getting frantic and uneasy. I don’t allow anything to consume my mind with any negative thoughts or outcomes. I say a prayer and if my issue calls for some backup, I call on those I love and trust to pray as well. Then I consider it handled and I keep it moving. I tell you what; honestly, it all usually works out in the end.

My point is, whatever you are facing or dealing with, don’t allow worrying about it to become your pastime. You must not allow yourself to get to the point to where you make yourself worse off than you are. I don’t know if you are a believer in prayer, but let me tell you…prayer works. And when you have two or more praying for or with you it is even more powerful. Sometimes we just have to surrender and allow God to take over the wheel. Keep a positive outlook and just dump all those worries and concerns in God’s hands and trust and have faith that he will handle the situation, and he will. Now, it may not always be in the way we may want it to work out, but one thing is for sure…you will have nothing to worry about.


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