Celebrate Your Life with Love on Valentine’s Day

valentine's dayValentine’s Day has become so commercialized throughout the years. If you are in a relationship you may feel the pressure of having to provide some extra token of appreciation to the one you’re in a relationship with. If you are single and not too keen on being single, you may walk around looking like a sad puppy on Valentine’s Day or being jealous of others that are shown some extra love. If you are in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship you may be really bitter on Valentine’s Day. DON’T allow all those t.v. commercials to make you feel some type of way.

Regardless of your relationship status or the state it may be in, go out there and celebrate your life. Show yourself some extra love. You don’t need anyone to show yourself love. Make Valentine’s Day all about you and what you want to do for yourself or for others that make your life wonderful. Take notice throughout the day and look at all the love you have in your life. Maybe you have a pet that you love and that shows you love back, or a special family member you are really close to, how about your very close friend/friends. Why not show them some love just because they are in your life and they make your life meaningful and full. Don’t forget to show some love to God for all the love he has shown you through the years as well. Just make this a day where you do those things that make you happy. Happy to be alive and who you are.

You can also show love by saying thank you, to those that you come in contact with each day. Although, they may not be family, friends or a pet, they do contribute to your life in some way. There are those such as your doorman, a neighbor, your parking attendee, the cleaning crew at your job, co-workers, cashiers, bus driver, the butcher at your grocery store, your nail technician, your hair dresser, those in your church family, etc. Why not show some kindness on Valentine’s Day to those people that are of some assistance to you in some way throughout your life. I am sure they would appreciate a kind word, a smile, a wishful “Happy Valentine’s Day!

Start looking outside the box you may have been in and try doing something totally different this Valentine’s Day. Yes, you celebrate the love you have with that special someone, but also take full advantage of this day of love and really celebrate love by showing love to those around you that makes your life worth celebrating.


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  1. Show love to those around me – yes, I think I will. This post made me happy.

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