Silent Suffering

hurtful people11
There is this saying that “Hurt people, hurt people” and if you were to really think about it, you would find it to be very true. Yet, we must forgive those who hurt us, because they are dealing with some serious deep hurt themselves and maybe the only way they know how to get some relief of their inner pain is to hurt or take it out on others. There are times also, when hurt people don’t realize they are hurting others, so the hurt continues until someone either speaks up or remove themselves from that person’s life.

We all know a wound needs air in order to heal. Therefore, it comes a time when it is necessary to open ourselves up for review and examination by addressing and talking about our pain.

Some hurt people when things don’t go their way will tell lies about another to others. They feel that is easier to do than to deal with the truth of the matter. Maybe they are being hurt by someone they love and in order to defuse their hurt and anger toward the one they love, they lash out at others. We all are familiar with the saying (Misery loves company). Or maybe the reason they do such things is because they don’t want to expose themselves to public speculation or criticism. So all the hurt is kept bottled up inside because they feel they can’t tell anyone about what they are truly feeling or going through.

They can’t face the pain, fear, anger, shame, or guilt that is attached to their deepest thoughts or feelings. Yet, deep down they do know it is something they really need to talk about in order to heal.

If you know someone who is hurting or if the one hurting is you and you would like to stop hurting others because of your own pain, find somebody to talk to that you can trust. It is not about needing a resolution, but needing some type of release. Maybe call a helpline, or a prayer line. Sometimes speaking with a stranger can be helpful. But, find someone you can talk to about what you are really feeling. If you can’t find a human being to speak to, then go some place quiet and speak to God. Do you agree it’s time we stop hurting ourselves and hurting others with the silent suffering?


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