Identity Theft

identity1Did you know that in order for you to really live your life to the fullest and realize your full potential, you’re going to have to take the risk of getting some folk upset with you? You’re going to have to stop holding on to other people’s opinions about you and doing everything in your power to be a people pleaser just to keep folk around you and on your side.

You see whenever you move beyond someone’s opinion of you they get upset because now you’re starting to think more of yourself than they thought of you. It’s another form of identity theft without you even realizing it. How’s that for a revelation?

Don’t mean to frighten you, but it’s time for you to step out on your own and try life for yourself, and without any feeling of guilt. Because if you really want to know who you are and what you are capable of achieving, you have to be willing to live without the opinion of other people. Are you wondering how you can do that? Well, it’s easy…really. You don’t ask for people’s opinion and when an opinion is offered to you, you are not obligated to accept. Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t accept positive feedback from others, but you don’t need to make the feedback you receive your holy grail either. In order for you to find your true authentic identity and the whole person of which you are, you are going to need to develop your individuality from the information you have within yourself. Trust me…you’ve got it in you.

People may not like what you do, they may not even like how you do it, but people are not living your life. You’re living your life! Until you begin to live beyond the opinion of others, and without the need of having to always have other people around, you will have no idea what your life is all about. You have to be willing to do more, be more and have more than those people you keep company with. This doesn’t mean you are to compare yourself to them, nor does it mean you need to show off. Please, let’s not get it twisted here. It means you must begin to step out on your own. Try life for yourself and claim everything that the world has to offer you without any guilt trip. Learn to become a friend and advisor to yourself, only then will you no longer be a victim of identity theft.


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