Pure Pleasure

pleasure1“Mom, we’re going to be late for soccer practice.” “Dad, would you drop-off me and my friends at the mall?” “Hey babe, what time is dinner going to be ready?” “Honey, would you stop at the store on your way home from work?” “Larry, I’m going to need you to work over time this weekend.” Does any of that sound familiar?

How much do we do just for the pure pleasure of it? We exercise with a goal in mind of losing weight or to get all buffed out to impress some hottie. We work crazy hours just to get a paycheck to pay bills and tuitions. We do house work to have things orderly and clean. Yet, with all that running around we do striving to create or maintain a certain life style for ourselves and our families, some of us neglect our need for pleasure.

I’m not saying in order to pursue pleasure it must interfere with our ability to pay the rent, tuition or the little one’s braces. But, surely without any pleasure in our lives we will become bitter and somewhat bored by the drudgery of the day in and day out routines. So, why not find that thing which brings pleasure to your life, that makes you feel alive and begin doing it. Because honey, we all need some pleasure in our lives.


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