Girl Power!

women history month 1Girl Power! That is what we hear women shouting from the roof tops and I find it to be nothing more than a BIG FAT CONTRADICTION! Sounds harsh? Maybe it does, but it is true. As a woman, I see how women treat each other and I find it sad. I am not saying all women knock down other women, but many do and the picture I see from where I stand, the view is pretty ugly. All women are beautiful, smart, strong, caring, sexy, worthy and just plain AWESOME! Yet, it is time for all women to start to realize this within themselves and then they won’t have to be so hard on the next women. Time for women to become the confident women they can be and leave all the pettiness behind.

It is bad enough some women are living in unhealthy relationships, being abused physically, mentally and verbally, by those they love and trust. They don’t need other women tearing them down on top of all they are dealing with. Don’t you think it is time women start to help build each other up instead of tearing each other down? It is 2015 if not now, then when.

March is “National Women’s History Month” couldn’t be a more perfect time to start a new. Each day this week, I will be posting songs of encouragement for women in hopes that one if not each song, will help curb this behavior and women come to realize that we are all wonderful in our own right. Now, that is what I call real“Girl Power!”


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