stuffIt’s finally here…Spring that is. Now is the time to get rid of all the stuff. Most of us can make do with much less than what we have. I know for certain I can. When you think about all the stuff you buy that is really just stuff, you would agree. We live in a very consumer driven culture that focuses more on material things than meaningful connections and experiences. Try creating your own culture by putting down the remote control and magazines for a while, and while you’re at it, try not to consume so much of the evening news. Why not try filling your time with meaningful experiences.

The space and time we are occupying right now is LIFE but, if you’re focusing on how you can get that nose, those lips, boobs or an enormous butt like some famous person, then you’re just giving your life away to marketing and media trickery, which is created by big companies to get you to want to dress a certain way, look a certain way and be a certain way. This kind of thinking can be tragic. It’s nothing more than Hollywood brainwashing. If you want to know how tragic it can become just look at those in Hollywood, they too have become brainwashed. So much so, that to stay relevant they pay to get their body parts cut up and sewn back on, just to not look like themselves, but also to end up looking nothing like what they were expecting. Most get such botched jobs done that they end up looking worse than what they thought they didn’t like about themselves; to only become damaged for the rest of their lives. What’s real is YOU and your family and friends, your loves, your dreams, your hopes, your plans, your fears, etc.

Too often we’re told that we’re not important, we’re just a way from the center to what is. “Get a degree, get a job, get a car, get a house, and keep on getting.” And it’s sad, because someday you’ll wake up and realize you’ve been tricked. And all you’ll want then is to reclaim your mind by getting it out of the hands of the brainwashers who want to turn you into a drone that buys everything that isn’t needed to impress everyone that isn’t important. Yep! I think it’s time to get rid of the stuff.

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  1. Great post about such an important topic. Who doesn’t have too much stuff? Spring is a great time to de-clutter our minds and our homes.

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