Be Someone’s Buoy


We have been given this wonderful gift called life, which offers us the privilege, opportunity and yes, the responsibility to give something back. Can you remember a time you done something nice for someone without reason? Do you remember how you felt after seeing how they felt about what you did for them? That’s what that wonderful gift called life is all about.

We all can use a lift every now and then. There may have been a time when you needed a little boost and someone did something nice for you without reason? I bet it felt nice, didn’t it? Sure it did.

It is no secret nor it is a surprise that some of us time here will be longer than others, and that while we are here we all have two things we are to do with our time, and that would be to show love and to help one another. There will actually come a time in each of our lives, when we may need someone to lean on and may be in need of a buoy.

So, whenever those tough times or cloudy days seem to be weighing you down, try losing yourself in the service of a cause that is much greater than yourself. Find someone to lift up and become their buoy.

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