life lessons6Some may wonder what the heck I know about life. Well, I know a lot more than some would believe or think I do. Most of my life has been self-taught, and I must say I have taught myself well in some areas. I have also made a few mistakes along the way, but hey…that’s life. I learned a lot from the mistakes I made and even if I could, I wouldn’t change anything.

Some would have you to believe that life is this straight line, with only one right path, and that it comes equipped with this set timeline of when you are to reach each milestone. Well, that just isn’t true. Yet, the pressure that comes from your family, peers, work, and just society period can make you feel totally broken inside. If you don’t have the “right” job, relationship, lifestyle and so forth by a certain age or time frame, we then assume we’re somehow broken, which isn’t true at all.

What they don’t tell you about life is that yes, you are allowed to backtrack. You’re allowed the extra time you need to figure out what you want. You are allowed to figure out what inspires you in the different stages of your life. Does anyone really know what they want to be when they grow up? No, not really. And if they do know what they want to be, do they end up being it?

Life is not a straight line; it’s a series of zigs and zags. It should look a mess, but a big beautiful mess! So, whatever situation you may be in right now, just know that it can change whenever you want it to. It is totally up to you. After all, it’s your life.


  1. Well said.

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