Moving Mountains


Have you seen the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” which starred Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman? The movie was about a banker (Tim Robbins) who is sentenced to life in Shawshank State Prison for the murder of his wife and her lover although he claimed to be innocent. He befriends an inmate “Red” (Morgan Freeman) who also protects him from the wrath of the prison guards. Although, the movie is not a very thought provoking movie; It is a very uplifting movie. Which means it’s not a complicated thought provoking movie, but more of a feel good kind of movie.

The way the two men bonded and found such solace and redemption within one another was amazing. It is a movie about hope and believing in the will to overcome even the greatest of obstacles. In the scene where Tim Robbins character plans to escape from the prison, it took him years to do so, but he kept picking away at those rocks until it finally happened.

And that is the way you have to move mountains…one stone at a time, and every stone you move, no matter how small, is a progress. Sometimes it is hard for us to see our progress. It can also be frustrating when the results you are seeking just don’t come fast enough. Yet, you are still advancing. You may be moving at a slow pace, but you are still moving the mountain. To achieve requires a process, not one single event. In order to achieve any worthwhile goal, it will require a lot of leg work and you will have a lot of ground to cover.

You have to explore the various possibilities, many which may not work, but you will learn what works and what doesn’t work, through trial and error. Just like Tim Robbins character never gave up digging, you mustn’t give up either, and keep in mind that set backs are a part of the process.

Time to stop being so hard on yourself. Take a break, pat yourself on the back for all you have accomplished thus far, give yourself some credit for handling your business and getting done what needs to be done. Look, don’t be spending too much time looking at how much further you need to go, that you forget to or fail to appreciate how far you have already moved that mountain.


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    • Thank you, for the reblogging of this particular post. I am overwhelmed at how touching it has been for so many of my readings. I ask to be a blessing each day and I gave an over flow of them this day. Be blessed!

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    • Hi Vincent, I appreciate the reblogging of this post. I will be checking out your blog as well.

  3. mrsmariposa2014

    Thank you. Love that movie and the message gleaned from it. Really need it today as I survey the snailish pace of my writing career. It’s been like moving a mountain to gain in this area of my life and I was darn near ready to throw down my pickaxe this morning until I read this. Blessings, friend!

    • Well, I surely am glad I was able to assist you with that bit of inspiration. I hope your writing pace picked up. We all get in a slum every now and again… Blessings to you as well, friend!

  4. Thanks for sharing such powerful truths I so needed to read today!

    • Thank you Glenda, I am glad I was a blessing to you in some way. 🙂

  5. I thank you greatly for this very on time post. I have seen the movie several times, and I do enjoy it. You have just given me a great new perspective in regard to the mountains, or brick walls that stand in my way. Thanks again for sharing this thought.


    • Hi Stacy, I am glad you received a new perspective. Life is funny isn’t it? When we take the time to stop and really pay attention to things, we can see all the possibilities or various messages. Thank you, for reading my post. I appreciate it and I hope those mountains move or brick walls that stand in your way get knocked down.

  6. Great Quote!! Thanks so much for sharing ;=_

    Be A Blessing!


  7. Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorites…and you are so right…one stone at a time. 🙂

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