6 Things to Disinfect When You Walk Into Your Hotel Room

hotel roomThe snow has finally melted and vacation time is coming upon us and I am sure you want to keep you and your family healthy while on vacation. Below are six things you may want to wipe down before you and your crew kick back and relax.

1. TV remote control – In 2014 an investigation was done by NBC where they found that even those rooms that were cleaned by the housekeeping staff typically contained areas where germs not only live, but thrive upon, and the remote control was noted as having the most germs. It carries levels of bacteria four to five times above the limit deemed acceptable.

2. Bedside lamp – After the remote control being number one germ infested, the lamp next to the bed was the next germ infested item.

3. Light Switches – A study by the University of Houston found the main light switches around the room to be swarming with germs.

4. Telephone – In each room tested in the NBC investigation, the guest room phones were “teeming with bacteria” at up to three times the acceptable level.

5. Bathroom faucet and countertop – Bathroom faucet and countertops are suspect surfaces due to the high risk of inadvertent cross-contamination by housekeepers when they clean bathrooms.

6. Coffee maker – The investigation also found that the hotel room coffee maker was a common place for germs to linger. Before you make that cup of Joe, you may want to clean this puppy out.



  1. When I was little I loved hotels. Now, all I can think about when I’m in them is how gross they are 🙂 I never thought about the lightswitches or lamps. Thanks! Have lysol wipes, will travel 🙂

    • Hi Maggie, Don’t you wish you could be little again, when everything was full of innocence? Although those same germs were there then you probably never got sick from touching any of those items. Life is so mysterious isn’t it? Enjoy your travels. 🙂

      • yes! There are a lot of things I know now that I kind of wish I didn’t! ha
        ~Jill (my daughter’s name is maggie 🙂 confusing, i know!)

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