Treat Everyone like Company

family attention

It’s sad that we will talk to strangers in the most kind and patient tones, but we say anything, in any way, to the people we love and care about.

When my sons were teens and they would hang out with each other, the oldest would always talk down to his brother whenever he was around his friends. I call it showing off! My oldest is very outgoing and popular, where my middle son is more laid back and reserved. Whenever, they would get into an argument at home, my middle son would always bring up to his brother how he never talks to his friends the way he talks to his family members. For a long time my eldest was in denial about that, until one day he realized it was true. He no longer does that to his brother, matter-of-fact it seems as they got older they became much more respectful toward one another feelings and have learned to agree to disagree on some issues. They actually listen more to what the other has to say.

We would never speak to our manager the way we speak to our significant others. Nor do we snap at other people children as we do our own. Don’t let there be company coming over; we would clean and cook as if there is no tomorrow. But have no problem stepping over or around all the piles of clutter accumulated from our daily living.

We must learn to talk to and care about those we love, the same way we talk to and treat strangers and our friends. We need to learn how to treat ourselves and our family as though we were the company. Life is not about impressing others just to make them feel good about us. We should be developing the type of character and compassion that allows us to treat ourselves and our loved ones in a positive way constantly, just based on who they are and what they mean to us. If we can treat everyone including ourselves as if they are company, then we wouldn’t have to spend so much time switching on and off.


  1. ooo this is so true. I love this reminder!

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