Pray for Somebody

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Have you wondered what would happen if you were to stop worrying about your situation and prayed for somebody else? I realize you may be feeling like this is the worse time of your life; you’re in so much pain, confused out of your mind and you just don’t know which way to turn. Yet, if you just turned away from your problem for a moment you may just get the breakthrough you are in need of.

Why not take a moment to put all your issues aside and pray for someone you know who is sick. Or maybe pray for someone you know who just became homeless, jobless, or helplessly locked into an addiction. Pray for someone, perhaps one of those mothers in a war-zone country who doesn’t know where her child or family members are. What about the mother with a sick child? Pray for that family that is in such turmoil; or a child who is lost, in trouble, or both. Why not pray that your mate be strong in your time of weakness. Pray for your own children, that they will be protected while you are going through this bought of temporary insanity.

I don’t know what will happen to your problems while you are praying for others, but I do know that what you give you get…in tenfold.

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