Time to Have Some Fun


Hey, what do you think will happen if you let your dream come true in front of millions of people? What would people think about you, say to you if you suddenly started to have some fun in public? What do you think people would think if you suddenly became successful, very wealthy, very powerful right before their eyes? Well, whatever you think they may think is most likely the thing that is keeping you from doing it. Most of us are not willing to risk making people mad at us.

It may be difficult to believe, but the people around us want us to succeed. Sure they may not act that way. They may never say a word. Shoot! Some of them probably don’t realize it, but it is much harder for them to watch you suffer and struggle than it is for them to see you become successful. We often get in the way of our own success by worrying about what other people will think. Some of us hold ourselves back in fear of leaving or losing those close to us. We are afraid to outshine them. We think it will make them angry or uncomfortable.

Living your life to its fullest potential, doing what you were put here to do is a fun thing to do. Those around you can watch and cheer you on. And if they watch carefully, they may learn something and if they love you, they too will benefit from your success.
So go on…have some fun!



  1. I read somewhere that what others think of us in none of our business 🙂 Thanks for the encouraging words!!!

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